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It is important to look at the painting with joy to associate. Until now abstracts of landscapes and vegetations. Portraits planed this year.


New humane and not humane impressions by travelling. So new histories concerning forms and colors.


In September/October 2015: "BBKL-TRIENNALE"


Arthur Jehle, January 2015




Painting is both, intended activity and also accidental action. Materials, textures, colors are composed in a painting intended and by accident. The painting contains traces of individual intention. The intention is to find understanding for the things of the world. You paint things that are often not speakable, but paintable. By painting these things can sometimes be found, we are visual creatures.


On the one hand we have neuropsychologically justifiable curiosity of the painter and the viewer concerning the resulting painting, on the other hand we have an also prominent and justifiable often cited concern of both over the new land. The new territory can be discovered and seen, like all unknown it can also make disoriented. Or it can bring a often cited sense of hope, a feeling of wellbeing.


The credo that art should supplement physiological rules and perspectives of societies by counter-proposals or shake it is now overused. This important idea has degenerated to a stereotypical absolute value. As a career changer I can indulge in my work with impunity in the border areas of the mentioned concept of art. Border areas in which there is cultural evolution are always exciting to explore. This applies to all sectors of society including the rules of art in general, as well as the painting.


Painting is for me as for many others something like scientific research, after endless trials traces of wanted or unexpected can be seen.


The conceptual approach is extremely important. Primarily contents are the aim. And at best the content on the one hand and the painting as a means to explore on the other hand form a new thing together.


In order to see coincidence better when painting, I am exploring different ways to apply colors. Since summer 2012 I use oil color, which I try to apply by a special technique of air-brush.


An exhibition with large abstracts is planed in Li in 2014.


Arthur Jehle, 2013