Explanatory Notes


I have been painting face-like structures for a number of years.


My templates are evolutionary biological and psychological aspects of Homo sapiens, fixed phylogenetic behaviour, often aggressive and power behaviour.


It is not primarily a question of painting physiognomies. It concerns the inherently inexplicable nature of entities – for example, of human existence and behaviour – that are beyond our perception.


In reality, colours do not actually exist. What we perceive are merely electromagnetic waves that trigger chemical reactions in certain cone cell types on the retina, and these trigger electrochemical signals in the brain. This constellation of stimuli generates sentiments as well as conscious and above all unconscious thoughts in the person who looks at the painting.


Structures and colours are tools for investigation and visualisation. Combinations of colours sometimes lead to unexpected feelings and thought experiences.


I use mainly alkyd resin and oil paints.


By this means, I juxtapose the visual everyday culture that has been exploding in recent decades with a constant: derivable phylogenetic behaviour, basic human needs. The flood of electronic images is thus essentially interpreted as a consequence of our basic needs and to a large extent is balanced out.



Arthur Jehle

Eschen, 2022